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EKA Field Ready GPS Camera Now in India

EKA Designs, a company that focuses on design and development of both hardware and software products, has launched Field Ready GPS Camera in India, that can be used in different environments to tag the locational coordinates onto the picture along with altitude and date/time. EKA Designs has built the GPS receiver SE-1 around the RICOH 500 SE Digital Camera, which is a field ready, 8 MP, wireless and Bluetooth enabled digital camera.

A unique feature of the camera is that users can tag memos to the pictures taken right on the camera display unit. Ricoh Camera is built for Single Hand operation with extensive features such as dust, rain and water proof. A variant of the Field Ready GPS Camera is the SE-3 that can also determine the direction from which the photograph was taken. This feature is very useful in critical applications for drawing boundaries, analyzing pictures of natural disasters etc.

Planning is a crucial activity in any field of activity, more so in the Geographical information System, (GIS).Before planning any field activity whether to put up water pipes, laying power or optical fiber cables, or to erect electrical or cell phone towers, locations have to determined. For this purpose, Field Ready GPS Cameras such as the one developed by EKA Designs will come in handy. Whenever a user takes a picture with the Field Ready GPS Camera, automatically, the latitude and longitude will be embedded on to the picture along with altitude and date/time information. When the pictures are loaded onto the computer, they can be linked to popular mapping softwares such as Google Earth and arcGIS world leaders in their respective fields.

EKA has shipped more than 5000 units worldwide. A majority of the devices are being using in diverse fields such as Defense, Urban Planning, Disaster Management, Water Resources Management, Land Survey, Construction etc.


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