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Bracelet media player made of e-paper

Jewelry is created notonly to emphasize individuality of a person, but also was worn to be useful to him. Now we simply get lost among a huge variety of rings, beads, bracelets. The company Chocolate Agency has offered the optimum decision with its unusual jewelry. Their multimedia gadget is an unusual bracelet. This gadget in my opinion does not compete with earrings with camera built in but it still a very cool device.

This gadget does not have an ordinary display. Isn’t it perfect? It completely consists of e-paper. Due to its properties the display is thin enough and is also flexible. You can watch favorite movies or the video clips, the only thing you need to do is to unroll the bracelet.

One of the advantages of the submitted gadget is that it will be charged from kinetic energy of the man who carries it. Not sure where those kinetic elements are placed but the idea is pretty cool.

So, the bracelet is compact, interesting with its exceptional characteristics and much more – it looks wonderful as jewelry.


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