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A Palm Full Of Smart Features

If you’re tired of your aging and bulky smartphone, but don’t wish to compromise on the convenience it offers by opting for a more compact model, it’s time to rejoice. The newly introduced Palm Centro could be just the phone for you. If you are a loyal fan of Palm phones and the Palm OS, look no further – the Centro is tailormade for you.

Form Factor

The Palm Centro measures 4.22 × 2.11 × 0.73mm. It’s the smallest smartphone offered by Palm till date, and weighs just about 119g. The phone’s compact size is one of its major advantages and will attract both men and women, since it’s small and slim enough to fit into a trouser pocket or a small purse with equal ease. It definitely beats the bulky Treo, and is pretty compact considering that it is equipped with a transflective 2.4-inch 320×320 colour touchscreen and a full QWERTY keyboard. The 5-way navigation button offers the main browse functionality. ‘Talk’ and ‘End’ buttons, shortcuts to the Calendar, Inbox, Phone, and Home Page are very well spaced out, and are easy to use. As far as shortcomings are concerned, the keyboard is cramped and feels as if it’s designed for users with either long nails or small fingers. But that’s the price one pays for compactness.

A volume leveler can be found on the left side of the handset, while a push-to-talk button, an infrared port and a microSD expansion slot are placed on the right. We were happy to see that the microSD slot is protected by an attached cover, but our glee faded a bit on realising that one cannot open it unless one removes the back cover. To add to the annoyance, the SIM card can be inserted only if the stylus is removed. They could simply have allotted more space for the card holder, which would have made the process of inserting and removing the SIM card much easier.

A slide button on the top lets you switch the phone between mute and ring mode; no longer do you have to unlock the keypad and move through complicated menus. On the bottom of the handset are a 2.5mm headset jack and multi-connector ports. At the back you’d find the camera lens, a self-portrait mirror and the speaker. The camera is not exposed, which will help to keep the lens clean.


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Zenith Launches Low Cost PC, Laptop

Zenith Computers today announced the launch of a new laptop and desktop under the brand name ‘EcoStyle’.

The Zenith EcoStyle laptop priced at Rs. 14,999, will be the lowest priced Windows OS enabled laptop in the market; while the desktop PC will be available at a highly competitive market price of Rs. 11,999. The EcoStyle PC and laptop will be available across India soon at Zenith’s chain of authorized dealers and exclusive showrooms.

The EcoStyle laptop is Net enabled, and comes preloaded with the Microsoft productivity suite: an Operating System (Windows XP Home Edition), Microsoft Works (includes Word Processor, spreadsheets and PPT viewer), and Microsoft Windows Live Suite (Includes Email Client, Messenger and Family Safety from Windows Live OneCare).

The EcoStyle PC will give the customer an option of choosing Windows Vista Starter or Microsoft Windows XP Home. The desktop will also come preloaded with the Microsoft productivity suite.

Raj Saraf, CMD, Zenith Computers, said, “This initiative is a part of our continuous effort to foster advanced and hassle free computing experience. The initial Rs. 10,000 PC was launched with much fanfare, however it failed to perform. With the EcoStyle PC, Zenith is bringing a true low-cost PC which underlines performance and affordability for the consumers.”

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Desktop for the Indian Market only in Rs. 5,000

Chipset maker Intel Thursday announced the launch of a desktop range that starts at Rs. 5,000 (around $125) – a move that could trigger a major computing revolution in the country.

“We recognise there is an urgent need for industry and government to collaborate to enable people to connect to the Internet,” said R. Sivakumar, Intel’s South Asia’s managing director of sales and marketing group.

“The Internet is capable of transforming lives and the future of our country. Through the ‘Connected Indians’ movement, we hope to achieve precisely that,” he added.

Intel India Thursday launched the ‘Connected Indians’ movement, which aims at providing to users cheap machines dubbed as nettops and netbooks.

Collaborating with Intel are industry partners such as original equipment manufacturers and Internet service providers, as well as the government.

Less than a decade ago, personal computers came attached with a price tag of more than Rs. 50,000, and the average person could at best own an ‘assembled’ desktop at anything between Rs. 20,000-Rs. 25,000.

Based on Intel’s Atom processor – the chipmaker’s lowest priced processor launched earlier this year – OEMs such as Acer, HCL, Zenith, Intex, Lenovo, Wipro and Novatium, showcased various designs at the event.

“The ‘Connected Indians’ movement will bring with it rapid broadband deployment and help harness the powers of Internet to accelerate inclusive social and economic change,” Communications and Information Technology Minister A. Raja said during the announcement of the initiative.

The launch of the low-cost connectivity initiative marked the coming together of Intel, the various OEMs and the government, as well as other stakeholders such as talent developer NIIT, telecom operators such as Tata Teleservices, Tata Communication and Reliance Communications, and industry lobbies CII, Assocham and WiMax Forum.

Intel also signed an agreement with state-owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd to jointly popularise broadband Internet and wireless broadband technology WiMAX.

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EKA Field Ready GPS Camera Now in India

EKA Designs, a company that focuses on design and development of both hardware and software products, has launched Field Ready GPS Camera in India, that can be used in different environments to tag the locational coordinates onto the picture along with altitude and date/time. EKA Designs has built the GPS receiver SE-1 around the RICOH 500 SE Digital Camera, which is a field ready, 8 MP, wireless and Bluetooth enabled digital camera.

A unique feature of the camera is that users can tag memos to the pictures taken right on the camera display unit. Ricoh Camera is built for Single Hand operation with extensive features such as dust, rain and water proof. A variant of the Field Ready GPS Camera is the SE-3 that can also determine the direction from which the photograph was taken. This feature is very useful in critical applications for drawing boundaries, analyzing pictures of natural disasters etc.

Planning is a crucial activity in any field of activity, more so in the Geographical information System, (GIS).Before planning any field activity whether to put up water pipes, laying power or optical fiber cables, or to erect electrical or cell phone towers, locations have to determined. For this purpose, Field Ready GPS Cameras such as the one developed by EKA Designs will come in handy. Whenever a user takes a picture with the Field Ready GPS Camera, automatically, the latitude and longitude will be embedded on to the picture along with altitude and date/time information. When the pictures are loaded onto the computer, they can be linked to popular mapping softwares such as Google Earth and arcGIS world leaders in their respective fields.

EKA has shipped more than 5000 units worldwide. A majority of the devices are being using in diverse fields such as Defense, Urban Planning, Disaster Management, Water Resources Management, Land Survey, Construction etc.

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PS3 Wireless Keypad Priced and Dated

The price and release date for Sony’s upcoming PS3 Wireless Keypad has finally been revealed (only for the North American market though). The device will be priced at $50 and will be launched on November 30.

The keypad will mount onto a DualShock 3 or Sixaxis controller and have two shortcut keys that allow you to switch to message boxes and other communication fields. The surface area can also be toggled to use it as a touchpad, that will allow you to control the movement of the on-screen cursor directly.

Communication with the console will be done through Bluetooth 2.0, and the device will have its own rechargeable Li-ion battery built-in. The price point is a bit on the higher side if you’d ask me, and another deterrent might be the placement of the keypad. I mean placing the keypad over the PS3 controller seems like a bad design idea, but I guess I’ll just hold my skepticism until I get my hands on it and try it out for myself.

Those of you who’re really looking forward to it can pre-order it from Amazon.

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